Unmanned Aerial Systems

Kennesaw State University prides itself on embracing exciting new technologies and innovating ideas. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are no exception, however as public safety will always remain KSU's priority, a policy has been written in order to manage the balance between fun and public well-being.


UAS Notice for Recreational Use on the Marietta Campus Baseball Field

    1. UAS, including model/hobbyist systems, must be registered and approved by the FAA before they can fly outdoors, including at KSU
    2. Due to KSU’s proximity to Dobbins Air Reserve Base (Marietta Campus) and Cobb International Airport (Kennesaw Campus), approved drone pilots must contact the closest tower before taking off; see Contact Information below for tower phone numbers
    3. Approved drone pilots should email oem@kennesaw.edu before flying
    4. Indoor flights must be approved by the Office of Emergency Management by emailing oem@kennesaw.edu (Note: FAA does not have jurisdiction for indoor flying)
    5. KSU Public Safety has the right to ground any drone that is not operating under FAA rules and regulations, or flying in a reckless or unsafe manner.
  • The following should be used as a guideline in regards to all unmanned aerial systems use on and around Kennesaw State University property:

    • All unmanned aerial systems weighing more than a 1/2 pound must be approved to fly on any KSU property
    • KSU policy is not intended to limit or restrict academic competitive programs nor the designing and/or working with UAS and/or other aircraft at KSU
    • Public safety is a priority at KSU
    • Adhering to FAA regulations is NOT optional
    • KSU's poximity to the Cobb International Airport and Dobbins Air Reserve Base makes the approval process especially challenging
  • For frequently asked questions, please see this UAS FAQ.
  • KSU:

    Dobbins Air Reserve Base Air Traffic Management:

    • (678) 655-5197

    Cobb International Airport Control Tower:

    • (770) 428-1034