Rape Aggression Defense Classes

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  • RAD description pic 1Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) is a simple yet affective self-defense class for women only. This course consists of a lecture portion, which focuses on Risk Awareness, Risk Reduction, and Risk Avoidance, followed by hands on tactical training. The techniques taught are designed to be quick and effective in delivering pain to vulnerable locations on the attackers body. The course is designed such that women of all fitness levels and ages will be successful in learning options to escape attacks.

    R.A.D. is one of only a handful of self-defense classes that offers a live simulation at its conclusion. In the simulation, students wear protective gear and participate in a live attack with the R.A.D. Man. This portion of the course is invaluable in that it provides the student with the confidence to defend themselves.

    RAD description image 2Rape Aggression Defense is a twelve-hour course, delivered in four, three-hour classes. Participation in the first three classes is required to participate in simulation as the course is progressive in technique development.

    The course instructors are various members of the KSU Police Department. The course is open to any students, faculty or staff at No Charge.


    Kennesaw Campus: Now offering a June Summer class

    For class informaton and to register for this class, e-mail radclasses@kennesaw.edu
    Please wear clothing appropriate for physical activities (no skirts/dresses or shoes with heels...sneakers are preferable).

  • Advanced RAD description imageAdvanced Rape Aggression Defense (Advanced R.A.D.) is a 16 component course, which is administered in 2 to 3 blocks of instruction at a time. Each block is a stand alone class (you do not have to attend every class to receive credit. You do not have to attend each class in the order it is offered.) The only pre-requisite is that participants must have completed Basic R.A.D. to attend any Advanced class. Participants will need to produce proof of successfully completing Basic R.A.D. (i.e. signed student manual). The course is open to female students, faculty, and staff at no charge.

    The course instructors are various members of the KSU Police Department. Advanced RAD classes are offered once a semester.

    There are no Advanced RAD Classes scheduled at this time.
    To register email radclasses@kennesaw.edu.

    Classes coming soon are: Lower Body Contact Techniques, Ground Defense and Kicks, and Counter Defense Techniques with one or Multiple Adversaries (will be offered on Saturdays in March and April).

  • R.A.D. Systems Weapons Defense Program teaches participants realistic defensive strategies against edged weapons and firearms. The class is an 8 hour class split up into two, four-hour blocks. Participants must attend both days.

    Pre-requisite: participants must have completed RAD Basic Physical Self Defense for Women or RAD For Men-Resisting Aggression with Defense. You will need to provide the dates you completed the Basic class for women or RAD For Men in your registration email to Safe and Sound.

    The course instructors are various members of the KSU Police Department. Advanced RAD classes are offered once a semester

    There are no R.A.D Systems Weapons Defense classes scheduled at this time.

  • Resisting Aggression with Defense for Men is a new program being offered this year, to address the many requests from our male population for basic self-defense options. RAD For Men (RFM's) goal is to provide responsible information and tactical options of self-defense for men who find themselves in confrontational situations. For a male self-defense program to be an empowering experience it must contain a few key elements. These are: to educate men about their roles and responsibilities in reducing violence, to instill an understanding of reliance on others, to understand the responsibility and importance of making different decisions, and to obtain self-realization of the power of controlling one’s emotions.

    RAD for Men is a twelve-hour course, delivered in four, three-hour classes. Participation in all four classes is necessary to complete the course. The course is open to any male students, faculty or staff at No Charge.

    There are no R.A.D for Men classes scheduled at this time.

  • RAD For Seniors course will now be offered. It consists of ten 1 1/2 hour sessions with 45 minutes of didactic material and 35 minutes of physical self-defense techniques designed for persons ages 65+, and those with physical limitations/challenges. This class concentrates on educating those 65+ how to reduce their chances of becoming victims of flim flams, scams, property owner scams, living wills, internet scams, identity theft, elder abuse by loved ones and care providers, sexual abuse, etc.

    This class is offered free to students, faculty, and staff. Participants must attend all 10 sessions to receive their manual, and lifetime free membership to RAD Systems. It is also free for parents of students, faculty, and staff.

    The maximum number of participants for this class is 8 (due to the size of the space provided).

    There are no RAD for Seniors classes scheduled at this time.

  • Self-defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange is a two hour program offered by the KSU Police for female students, faculty and staff at KSU, free of charge. The program is based upon the following ideas: violent crimes are crimes of opportunity, and when you remove the element of opportunity, you reduce the risk of attack. 90% of self-defense is mental preparedness; the other 10% is physical.

    S.A.F.E. will provide participants with great crime prevention information and resources as well as a pre-basic familiarization with physical training methods.

    To request a SAFE Class, please email radclasses@kennesaw.edu.