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Georgia House Bill 280, as known as “Campus Carry,” became effective July 1, 2017, and amended O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.1, allowing the concealed carry of firearms within school safety zones, with certain restrictions. We recognize that the Kennesaw State University community has questions and concerns regarding the concealed carry of firearms on the Kennesaw State University campuses. The University System of Georgia has issued general guidance developed by the USG Office of Legal Affairs.

The full text of H.B. 280 can be found here.

The full text of USG's Guidance on H.B. 280 can be found here.

USG has provided additional guidance on H.B. 280, which can be found here.

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The primary source of information related to the new campus carry law is the guidance provided by the University System of Georgia, which can be found at the links listed above. In addition, the following questions and answers relate specifically to KSU or to questions posed by the KSU community that are not directly covered by the USG guidance.  

The campus carry law applies equally to all university system institutions.  KSU does not have discretion to waive or change any of the requirements in the law.  Any questions related to the new campus carry law should be directed to  Enforcement of the law on campus will be the responsibility of the KSU Police and any suspected violations of the law should be reported there. 

  • Only weapons carry permit holders may carry handguns on campus, and those handguns may only be carried in a concealed fashion.  In order to qualify for a permit, individuals must apply through their local probate court, which among other things will require that they be 21 years of age or older (with some limited exceptions for law enforcement and military personnel who may also apply between the ages of 18 and 21); that they be fingerprinted and go through a criminal and mental health background check; and that they be Georgia residents.  Individuals with prior felony convictions are not generally eligible to obtain a weapons carry permit.   

  • The new law applies generally to all property and facilities owned by or leased to the university.  There are exceptions in the new law that exclude permit holders from carrying in certain facilities such as athletic venues where intercollegiate sporting events are held; in student housing complexes; in faculty, staff and administrative offices; and in classrooms where dual-enrolled high school students are present.  There are other exceptions as well and the permit holder is responsible for assuring that concealed weapons are only carried in areas or facilities that are not exempt from the new law. 

  • Yes, the KSU Center is owned/leased by the university and is covered by the new law.
  • On the Kennesaw Campus, the Convocation Center, the Bailey Park and Stillwell Stadium, the Fifth/Third Bank Stadium, the Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center, and both the Owl’s Nest and the Perch/Field No. 3 at the Sports and Recreation Park are all facilities that are used for intercollegiate sporting events and are therefore always exempt from the new law, even when athletic events are not being conducted.    

    On the Marietta Campus, the Recreation & Wellness Center, the baseball field and the recreation fields all host intercollegiate sporting events and are thus exempt at all times.

  • Yes, the new law does not exempt such facilities unless another exception to the law applies.  If a class is being conducted in one of those facilities and dual-enrolled high school students are enrolled in the class, then the room in which the class is being taught is exempt (but only when the particular class is in session). 
  • No, but the burden will be on the weapons carrier to assure that no part of the itinerary involves stops at locations where handguns are not permitted.  Under no circumstances may permitted carriers leave unattended handguns in university owned or hired vehicles used to transport individuals on field trips or similar outings.
  • Contact KSU Police either by telephone at (470) 578-6666 or by using the LiveSafe app.
  • The Office of the Registrar will provide information to faculty and students through their website that will allow carry permit holders to check whether high school students are enrolled in a particular class.  Of course, the burden is on the permit holder to check the website often, particularly during drop/add season, to assure that they have the most up to date information on class composition. 
  • The campus carry law prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons in faculty, staff and administrative offices.  The term “office” is not defined in the law, so the plain meaning of the term is used.  Offices are generally considered private work spaces with limited or exclusive access.  The term does not include typically public areas such as reception areas, hallways and lobbies.  The existence of a doorway into a common area does not convert that area into an office; nor does locking a door to an otherwise public common area convert it to a private office space.  If you have a question about a particular office or public space, please let us know by contacting
  • No, the law specifically provides that offices and office suites occupied by faculty are among the areas where even licensed holders may not carry handguns.  Nor may guns be stored in such offices.
  • No.  The USG guidance specifically provides that institutions will not provide gun storage facilities on campus.  Keep in mind that the new law only changes the ability of weapons permit holders to CARRY concealed handguns on campus.  The new law and USG guidance does not permit the unattended storage of handguns anywhere, other than in the trunks of personal vehicles.  So, permit holders must either have their handguns concealed on their person while in non-exempt areas or they must properly store their handguns in their vehicle or in an off-campus storage facility.
  • No, the law grants license holders the ability to carry concealed handguns in classrooms (unless high school students are present) and USG guidance provides that faculty members may not ask license holders to reveal that they are carrying concealed handguns or otherwise discourage them from doing what the law permits them to do. 
  • The USG guidance specifically provides that faculty may include a link to the USG guidance found at  A link could also be provided to the KSU website here:
  • No.  Permit holders (faculty and students) should use the resources provided by the Registrar to determine whether high school students are enrolled in a particular class.  This is important because whether high school students are enrolled can change on a daily basis, especially during the drop/add period.  The most up-to-date information will be available on the Registrar’s website.
  • No, the law only permits “concealed” carry, which means that the casual observer should not be able to tell whether a permit holder is carrying a handgun.
  • Any suspected violation of the law should be reported to KSU Police.
  • If you can’t find answers to your questions on the KSU Public Safety Campus Carry website, please direct your questions to