Constitutional Carry Legislation

How Does the Recent Constitutional Carry Legislation Impact Existing Laws Governing The Carrying of Weapons on Campus? 

Georgia Senate Bill 319, also known as “Constitutional Carry,” became effective on April 12, 2022, and made changes in the law by removing the phrase ‘weapons carry license holder’ and replacing it with ‘lawful weapons carrier.’ This did away with the weapons carry license requirement and now simply requires armed individuals to be lawful weapons carriers.

However, the legislation did not make changes to the types of weapons allowed within a school safety zone. Handguns can legally be carried in a concealed manner by lawful weapons carriers within a school safety zone, with the exception of certain facilities such as athletic venues where intercollegiate sporting events are held; in student housing complexes; in faculty, staff and administrative offices; and in classrooms where dual-enrolled high school students are present. 

The full text of S.B. 319 can be found here.


Under O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.1, Carrying weapons within school safety zones, at school functions, or on school property, knives are still restricted to those with a blade less than two (2) inches in length.   


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