DPS Offices

  • Office of the Chief

    Office of the Chief

    The Assistant Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police is the senior administrator over all of Police and Public Safety. The Office of the Chief Section staff includes Administrative Services, Public Safety Systems, Professional Standards, Victim Services and Community Affairs.  

    • Office of the Deputy Chief

      Office of Deputy Chief

      This position assists the Chief of Police in the leadership and management of the staff of the Department of Public Safety, with primary responsibility over Police Operation functions assigned to Uniform Patrol, Crime Prevention, Criminal Investigations, Support Services, Clery Compliance, and Special Operations.  This position is responsible for administrative and supervisory duties involving state and federal regulations and institutional rules and policies in order to provide for the protection, safety, and welfare of students, employees and property within the areas under the control and authorized jurisdiction of the agency.

      • Office of Professional Standards

        Office of Professional Standards

        The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) ensures the integrity of the Kennesaw State University Department of Public Safety and University Police through the objective and intensive investigation of allegations of police misconduct, excessive force complaints, citizen complaints, abuse of authority, as well as complaints made against other department employees.  Accordingly, the Office of Professional Standards is principally responsible for helping the KSU DPS and University Police maintain its credibility, respect, integrity and reputation, both from the public it serves and among its members, as these are vital elements of the KSU DPS mission. Under the chief’s direction, the Office of Professional Standards is also responsible the Research and Planning Unit, Office of Victim Services, Recruitment and Selection, Training Unit, Weapons Inventory and Control, Field Training Officer Program, Community Affairs Program (R.A.D., Explorers, Citizens Police Academy, etc.), Special Response Team (SRT), departmental liaison for Human Resources related issues, and oversight for personnel evaluations.  OPS is also tasked with writing and implementing all departmental policies, assisting with budgetary issues, and advising the Chief of Police on internal and external concerns.   

        • Office of Public Safety Systems Technology

          Office of Public Safety Systems

          The Office of Public Safety Systems includes Technical Services and the Communications Center.

          Technical Services  supports the departmental use of designated systems through researching, recommending, coordinating, implementing and/or managing systems and software as a service that are utilized by the Department of Public Safety. Technical Services also manages and supports the University's IP-based camera system, call boxes on the Marietta campus, as well as the review and approval process associated with the installation of panic/duress alarm components.

          The Communications Center serves as the University's public safety answering point to process calls for service and provide dispatch service for the Department of Public Safety.

          • Office of Victim Services

            Office of Victim Services

            The Office of Victim Services (OVS) seeks to ensure that the victims of crime at Kennesaw State University become an integral part of the criminal justice system. Through education on the rights and services available to KSU crime victims, collaboration with the KSU Department of Public Safety and University Police, and the Cobb County judicial system, the KSU OVS staff believes that the voices of crime victims will become a necessary component of the justice system in this state.  The primary goals of the KSU OVS are to aid in reducing trauma to the crime victim; reduce the level of secondary injury associated with the aftermath of crime; and to aid in the prosecution of criminal cases by ensuring that crime victims and witnesses are provided with the entitlements and services mandated by the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights. The OVS provides a safe, private place for individuals who have questions or concerns about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, domestic violence, and any other crime to talk to a professional Victim Advocate, who are available to provide emotional support and help victims meet their immediate needs.

            • Office of Emergency Management

              Office of Emergency Management

              The Office of Emergency Management (OEM), a division of the Department of Public Safety, has the primary responsibility of the emergency management function at Kennesaw State.  Emergency management is broken up into four core functions or phases: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. OEM has offices at the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses. The emergency operations plan, emergency alert systems, crisis coordinator program, disaster exercises, AEDs and continuity operations planning are just a few important responsibilities within OEM. The Public Safety Communication Center is also an integral part of OEM. OEM offers over 15 short and free emergency preparedness classes to faculty, staff and students, and can be tailored for departmental needs.