09/29/18 University Safety: KSU Student Involuntarily Committed for Evaluation

On Wednesday, August 29, Kenneth Alvin Glover, a KSU student, was involuntarily committed for evaluation after a call to law enforcement by his mother over concerns she had about her son's well-being. Following contact with the student, KSUPD officers requested the involvement of a university counselor and remained in position to monitor the situation. During the interaction with the counselor, Glover made comments that led to the counselor's decision to commit him for evaluation. The KSUPD placed Glover in custody and as they prepared to transfer him, a handgun was discovered in his backpack. An arrest warrant was issued later that evening for possession of a firearm in a school zone.

While Glover remains under secure, medical evaluation, the investigation has continued and additional information has led to a second arrest warrant being issued for four additional felony counts -- three counts of terroristic threats and one count of aggravated assault. Glover will be transferred to the custody of law enforcement for incarceration immediately following his medical release.

The second warrant was based on information obtained from a private video Glover uploaded to social media of his interaction with the university counselor on August 29th. In the video, provided to police on September 4th, Glover made threatening comments about several individuals and these statements serve as the basis for the new charges.

"We are thankful to the student's mother for remaining vigilant. Her efforts were instrumental in our ability to act quickly and work to keep both the campus community and her son, safe," said Edward Stephens, KSU Chief of Police.

In an effort to provide the campus community with updated information on this and other alerts, the KSUPD will be adding a crime alert information section to this website and all alerts will be posted to the KSUPD Facebook page. Both of these sites can be accessed via police.kennesaw.edu and we urge students, faculty and staff to use all available resources to report any issues of concern.